Hiroyuki Asanuma

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Various three-dimensional structures have been created on a nanometer scale using the self-assembly of DNA molecules. However, ordinary DNA structures breakdown readily because of their flexibility. In addition, it is difficult to control them by inputs from environments. Here, we construct robust and photocontrollable DNA capsules using azobenzenes. This(More)
We have been investigating DNA state machines, especially those based on the opening of hairpin molecules in which state transitions are realized as hairpin loops are opened by molecules called openers. This paper introduces photo-and thermoregulation of such hairpin-based DNA machines, in which the openers become active by sensing external signals in the(More)
We herein report a stem-less probe for the detection of RNA that depends on pairing between Cy3 and nitro methyl red. In our design, two Cy3 residues and two nitro methyl red residues were introduced into an oligonucleotide. In the absence of the target, these dyes formed a complex, and emission of Cy3 was efficiently quenched. Hybridization with the target(More)
An artificial macromolecule was designed as a novel nanomaterial with the backbone of phosphodiester and the side chain of functional molecules and nucleobases. The functional molecules tethered on d-threoninol and the nucleosides on d-ribose can be lined up with any sequence and any ratio by using standard phosphoramidite chemistry. The nucleobases that(More)
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