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Analysis of the Full Scale Seven Story Reinforced Concrete Test Structure
Analyse des essais de reponse a un seisme pseudodynamique de ce type de structure realises en cooperation avec les Etats-Unis et le Japon. On utilise une methode d'analyse dynamique non lineaire pourExpand
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Design of Modern Highrise Reinforced Concrete Structures
RC high-rise buildings in seismic areas, H. Aoyama the New RC Project, H. Hiraishi new RC materials, M. Abe and H. Shiohara new RC structural elements, T. Kaminosono finite element analysis, H.Expand
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Space Charge Formation in LDPE/MgO Nano-composite Thin Film under Ultra-high DC Electric Stress
Nano-composite technology makes it possible to improve dielectric properties, such as resistivity, breakdown strength and so on, under high DC stress. However, the mechanism of the improvement in MgOExpand
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Biaxial effects in modelling earthquake response of R/C structures
Recent studies reveal that R/C structural members subjected to biaxial flexure due to two-dimensional earthquake excitation can deform much more than would be predicted by conventionalExpand
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SUMMARY A set of earthquake resistant design criteria are proposed for reinforced concrete interior beam-to-column connections taking into account the expected deformation limits of a building.Expand
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Occurrence of cholesterol 7α- and 7β-hydroperoxides in rat skin as aging markers
Abstract Evidence for presence of cholesterol 7α- and 7β-hydroperoxides in rat skin was presented for the first time. The 7-hydroperoxides in rat skin were reduced with sodium borohydride andExpand
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Dr Kiyoshi Muto (1903 –1989)
It was Saturday, March 11, 1989. This week had been another busy week for Dr Kiyoshi Muto (Fig. 1). He attended the Muto Institute of Structural Mechanics every day where at the age of 86 heExpand
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Development of safety evaluation guidelines for base-isolated buildings in Japan
Abstract This paper describes the safety evaluation guidelines for ordinary base-isolated buildings, now under development in Japan.
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