Hiroyoshi Miwa

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Many real networks are equipped with short diameters, high clustering, and power-law degree distributions. With preferential attachment and network growth, the model by Barabási and Albert simultaneously reproduces these properties, and geographical versions of growing networks have also been analyzed. However, nongrowing networks with intrinsic vertex(More)
Many real networks are complex and have power-law vertex degree distribution, short diameter, and high clustering. We analyze the network model based on thresholding of the summed vertex weights, which belongs to the class of networks proposed by Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 258702 (2002)]. Power-law degree distributions, particularly with the dynamically stable(More)
For the recent remarkable developments of wireless communication technology, information communication networks between mobile sensors become possible and have been studied recently. In the networks, however, the theoretical understanding of efficient content delivery schemes for collecting information is quite primitive at present. To promote the(More)
In case a large-scale disaster hits a big urban area, studies have been undertaken on effective disaster evacuation guidance using mobile phones of evacuees. In our previous work, we proposed a real-time disaster evacuation guidance using opportunistic communications as an application of Delay Tolerant Networking to disaster management. In the guidance,(More)
In recent years, mobility models have been reconsidered based on findings by analyzing some big datasets collected by GPS sensors, cell phone call records, and Geotagging. To understand the fundamental statistical properties of the frequency of serendipitous human encounters, we conducted experiments to collect long-term data on human contact using(More)
Musical performance requires motor skills to coordinate the movements of multiple joints in the hand and arm over a wide range of tempi. However, it is unclear whether the coordination of movement across joints would differ for musicians with different skill levels and how inter-joint coordination would vary in relation to music tempo. The present study(More)
When a major disaster occurs, it is highly possible that mobile communications won't work at all in disaster areas. Although some disaster tolerant applications are available in mobile phones, disaster evacuation guidance still has a problem in gathering and utilizing real-time information regarding the disaster areas under a situation where there is no(More)
The critical links whose failures significantly deteriorate the performance in a network must be protected not to fail or to be rapidly switched to their backup links. The number of these links should be small to restrict the investment cost of facilities and the operational cost for Internet service providers. Therefore, it is important to find the(More)