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Experiment 1 evaluated changes in leukocyte migration during acetazolamide (AZ) inhibition of carbonic anhydrase activity in leukocytes. AZ induced changes in the intracellular calcium concentration, and extracellular calcium is thought to be a factor inducing an increase in leukocyte migration. Next, Experiment 2 determined whether extracellular calcium(More)
The present study investigated the physiologic and sedative effects between two different continuous infusion doses of dexmedetomidine (DEX). Thirteen subjects were separately sedated with DEX at a continuous infusion dose of 0.2 µg/kg/hr for 25 minutes after a loading dose of 6 µg/kg/hr for 5 minutes (0.2 group) and a continuous infusion dose of 0.4(More)
From a retrospective evaluation of data on accidents and deaths during dental procedures, it has been shown that several patients who refused dental treatment died of asphyxia during dental procedures. We speculated that forcible maximum opening of the mouth by using a mouth prop triggers this asphyxia by affecting the upper airway. Therefore, we assessed(More)
This study investigated the physiologic and sedative parameters associated with a low-dose infusion of dexmedetomidine (Dex). Thirteen healthy volunteers were sedated with Dex at a loading dose of 6 mcg/kg/h for 5 minutes and a continuous infusion dose of 0.2 mcg/kg/h for 25 minutes. The recovery process was observed for 60 minutes post infusion. The tidal(More)
Pediatric peripheral venipuncture and intravenous cannulation are difficult. However, successful venipuncture and intravenous cannulation are absolutely required for pediatric clinical risk management. This study assessed the success rate of venipuncture and intravenous cannulation when transmitted light was applied to the pediatric dorsum manus. The(More)
The importance of systemic management to prevent accidents is increasing in dentistry because co-morbid illnesses in an aging society and invasive surgical procedures are increasing. In this prefecture, a new medical system called the remote online hemodynamic monitoring system (ROHMs) was started in 2001. Eight private dental offices participated in this(More)
We compared the amnesic action, recovery process, and satisfaction of patients and surgeons after the use of 2 different sedation regimens for 40 patients undergoing scheduled implant surgery. Butorphanol, midazolam, dexmedetomidine (BMD) was administered to 20 patients who were maintained with continuous infusion of dexmedetomidine after the induction with(More)
We have recently observed the duodenal ulcer of 82 cases by the duodenofiberscope. Of these 15 cases with deformities of the pyloric ring, and 18 cases with erosion in Antrum pyloricum were seen. In 101 cases which were considered to be demonstrated apparently on the X-ray film in the view of the grade of deformed bulb and ulcer crater, 19 cases could be(More)
Fresh materials of 35 dissections were utilized for X-ray exposure of duodenal papilla vateri and the adjacent biliary tract in order to examine the inter-relation among the form of papilla, its size and the terminal portion of the common bile duct and afterwards the tissue of the papilla and its neighbourhood was microscopically reviewed. Furthermore(More)
Left ventricular noncompaction (LVNC), also known as spongiform cardiomyopathy, is a severe disease that has not previously been discussed with respect to general anesthesia. We treated a child with LVNC who experienced cardiac arrest. Dental treatment under general anesthesia was scheduled because the patient had a risk of endocarditis due to dental caries(More)