Hiroyasu Koshimizu

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This paper proposes an automated method for extracting 39 feature point$ from 3D facial iniage, and shows that 3D facial caricaturing can be realized by such these smaller number of feature point. and that these 39 feature points could be extmcted automatically. As a result, it was clarified by comparing 3D caricature of 3D PICASSO system with that of a(More)
We have discussed that the co-occurrence frequency image (CFI) defined based on the co-occurrence frequency histogram of the gray value of an image has a potential to introduce a new scheme for image feature extraction. This paper proposes a couple of filters for image enhancements of such as sharpening and smoothing filters. These filters are very similar(More)
We are researching about an age and gender esrinnrion based on wrinkle rerlure and color of facio1 imriges. Preliminary quesrionnaire (enyuere) examination hou ejfectively the facial imoges could br usedfor gender and age estinmtions was executed by using 300 different faces and 21 examinees. Wrinkles appeured in rhe face and rhe shripe and size of(More)