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BACKGROUND AND AIM Ghrelin plays an important role in controlling the feeding and nutritional states by signaling hypothalamic centers. However, the role of ghrelin in cirrhotic patients in the malnutrition state remains unclear. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-four patients with liver cirrhosis (LC) and 10 healthy controls (normal controls, NC) were enrolled(More)
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) makes victims execute an arbitrary script and leaks out personal information from victims' computers. An adversary can easily get victim's cookies by the XSS attack. If the adversary cannot use the stolen cookies to impersonate the victim, stealing cookie has no meaning. Therefore, we propose a method to prohibit the abuse of(More)
Recently, smartphones are so diffusing that they are indispensable in our daily life. They store various types of personal information and are used for sensitive applications such as electronic commerce or personal banking. Therefore, they are an easy target for criminals. One of important countermeasures against smartphone attacks is authentication and(More)
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