Hiroya Matsuba

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This paper describes an OpenMP ready distributed shared memory system called FDSM. FDSM analyzes the access pattern to the shared memory at the first iteration of a loop and obtain the communication set. By using this information, it reduces the overhead of the coherence maintenance. OpenMP on FDSM is evaluated by using the benchmark application CG in the(More)
— A new communication model, called the PlogPT model, is proposed to predict communication performance in a commodity cluster where computing nodes communicate using TCP/IP. This model extends the PlogP model in order to consider the variation of bandwidth brought about by bottleneck links in network switches and the delay of packet retransmission by TCP/IP(More)
—An on-demand file staging system, Catwalk, is proposed. Catwalk is designed so that it can run on any Linux clusters without any special or additional hardware. By having hook functions on the system calls of file operations, a file staging system can be transparent from the view of users, and users can be free from having wrong file staging scripts. In(More)
—Load balancing is one of the most basic services needed by cloud applications. While today's clouds and load balancers provide highly customizable load distribution policies, they are forced out of necessity to ignore the impact of load balancing on the network. However, such network agnostic behavior can lead to inefficient utilization of cloud resources(More)