Hirotsugu Satoh

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This paper presents a method to estimate the cost of mental (hand) simulation of programs. In mental simulation, human short-term memory is extensively used to recall and memorize values of variables. When the simulation reaches a variable reference, the simulation can be performed easily if the value is still remembered. However, if not, we have to(More)
Recently, accidents such that seniors fall down from the bed in care facilities or hospitals are increased. To prevent these accidents, we propose an awaking detection system using Neural Network (NN) in hospital use. In this paper, to increase detection capability of the proposed system, the feature extractive method is contrived with including dynamic(More)
In this research, we have proposed a fish sorting system to aim at automatic sorting. It is constructed with a conveyance part, a capturing image part and a recognition part, respectively. Especially, we have adopted a flexible sorting system using neural network (NN) in the recognition part. We have developed an independent conveyance system. The(More)
In this paper, we would like to simulate typical 2 behaviour of people in traffic at train station. To avoid combinatorial problem, we adopt VPM architecture. An information is represented by progressive wave on traditional wave field. The Agent has virtual sensors by FFT and retrieves information from the wave field. Also, agent can propagate information(More)
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