Hirotsugu Fujii

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A consistent treatment of both multiple scattering and small x quantum evolution effects on pair production in high energy pA collisions is feasible in the framework of the Color Glass Condensate (CGC) [1]. We first discuss the properties of quark pair production in the classical effective theory where only multiple scattering effects are included. Explicit(More)
The order and the values of Markov properties of nonstationary stochastic processes are inferred by the use of them-th order Markov value and simplified dependency , respectively: and HereK=0.5log2 e, and $$\left| {\hat R_m } \right|$$ is the correlation coefficient determinant obtained from the ensemble averages of sample records. When an observed value is(More)
We construct the effective potential of the QCD-like theory by using the auxiliary field method. The chiral phase transition of the model at finite temperature and quark chemical potential is discussed from the viewpoint of the shape change of the potential near the critical point. We further generalize the effective potential so as to have the quark number(More)
Six new ergostane glycosides, designated as petunioside A, petunioside B, 24-epipetunioside B, petunioside C, 24-epipetunioside C and petunioside D, were isolated from the methanolic extract of the fresh aerial parts of Petunia hybrida. Their structures were determined by means of spectroscopic analysis and single crystal X-ray analysis.
Strong longitudinal color flux fields will be created in the initial stage of high-energy nuclear collisions. We investigate analytically time evolution of such boost-invariant color fields from Abelian-like initial conditions, and next examine stability of the boost-invariant configurations against rapidity dependent fluctuations[1]. We find that the(More)
We demonstrate the violation of kperpendicular factorization for quark production in high energy hadronic collisions. This violation is quantified in the color glass condensate framework and studied as a function of the quark mass, the quark transverse momentum, and the saturation scale Q(s), which is a measure of large parton densities. At x values where(More)
Magnetic characteristics of NdCo2Si2 have been studied by magnetic and neutron diffraction measurements using a single crystal. Three antiferromagnetic phases were found below 32 K. A simple collinear antiferromagnetic phase is stable in the range 0-15 K where a metamagnetic process is observed. Square-wave structures with the propagation vectors K = (0, 0,(More)
A homogeneous color magnetic field is known to be unstable for the fluctuations perpendicular to the field in the color space (the Nielsen-Olesen instability). We argue that these unstable modes, exponentially growing, generate an azimuthal magnetic field with the original field being in the z-direction, which causes the Nielsen-Olesen instability for(More)