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Recently, there has been much interest in the study of the formation of groups of agents that cause interactions between agents and invent new functions. We gave some agents an action rule based on the interactions of human feelings by using a circumplex model. It had been decided that the parameters of feelings in this model should have only two axes. In(More)
Our purpose is to develop the technology for evaluating emotion objectively from the oxygenated hemoglobin within a brain. Nowadays, Japan is an aging society. The elderly people who need care will increase from now on increasingly. In the case of the person requiring the care who lost the function to convey an intention especially, the objective judgment(More)
This study aims to evaluate physiological and psychological states using near infrared spectroscopy in noise environments with low or high frequencies. Our system assumes that noise affects brain activity in the frontal lobe. In order to evaluate the subject’s states in a noise environment, we constructed an experimental system that measures the subject’s(More)
A modular robot is composed of multiple modules, each comprising a sensor, an actuator, and a control system. Each module accumulates information about its own sensor, actuator, and connections to other modules, as well as communication information between adjoining modules. The user obtains this information via an interface, and can thus recognize the(More)
The study of a multiagent system generating a new function was carried out. A coordinate solution, such as the multiagent system, is effective for complicated problems. Therefore, it is necessary for agents to behave systematically while building cooperative relations with each other. We pay attention to an entrainment phenomenon which can be seen in life(More)