Hirotomo Izaki

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Capillary electrophoresis (CE) combined with laser-induced fluorescence detection is applied to the determination of amino acids in urine samples. The urine samples are first ultrafiltered, to remove proteins and large peptides, and the filtrates are then directly labeled by reaction with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC). Cyclodextrin-modified CE using(More)
A highly efficient intracavity four-wave mixing in a Raman-active medium pumped by a continuous-wave laser is first demonstrated. Managing the intracavity dispersion to satisfy the phase matching in a high-finesse cavity substantially enhances the anti-Stokes emission. This process is observed in a region far beyond small signal approximation, indicating(More)
In optical modulation, the highest available modulation rate is basically limited to the GHz frequency range at best. This is because optical modulation is often performed using electro-optic or acousto-optic effects that require application of an external signal to solid-state nonlinear optical materials. Here we describe optical modulation of(More)
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