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—This paper presents a precise system for handwritten Chinese and Japanese character recognition. Before extracting directional element feature (DEF) from each character image, transformation based on partial inclination detection (TPID) is used to reduce undesired effects of degraded images. In the recognition process, city block distance with deviation(More)
— Decorated characters are widely used in various documents. Practical optical character reader is required to deal with not only common fonts but also complex designed fonts. However, since appearances of decorated characters are complicated , most general character recognition systems cannot give good performances on decorated characters. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we propose a new probability model, 'asym-metric Gaussian(AG),' which can capture spatially asymmetric distributions. It is also extended to mixture of AGs. The values of its parameters can be determined by Expectation-Conditional Maximization algorithm. We apply the AGs to a pattern classification problem and show that the AGs outperform(More)
In order to enhance the ability of document analysis systems, we need a text line extraction method which can handle not only straight text lines but also text lines in various shapes. This paper proposes a new method called Extended Linear Segment Linking (ELSL for short), which is able to extract text lines in arbitrary orientations and curved text lines.(More)
In statistical pattern recognition, parameters of distributions are usually estimated from training samples. It is well known that shortage of training samples causes estimation errors which reduce recognition accuracy. By studying estimation errors of eigenvalues, various methods of avoiding recognition accuracy reduction have been proposed. However ,(More)