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—This paper presents a precise system for handwritten Chinese and Japanese character recognition. Before extracting directional element feature (DEF) from each character image, transformation based on partial inclination detection (TPID) is used to reduce undesired effects of degraded images. In the recognition process, city block distance with deviation(More)
In this paper, we propose a new probability model, 'asym-metric Gaussian(AG),' which can capture spatially asymmetric distributions. It is also extended to mixture of AGs. The values of its parameters can be determined by Expectation-Conditional Maximization algorithm. We apply the AGs to a pattern classification problem and show that the AGs outperform(More)
A rotation-invariant neocognitron is constructed by extending the neocog-nitron which can recognize translated, scaled and/or distorted patterns from training ones. In constructing the model two technical methods during the learning, a " threshold-controlling method " and a " rotation matrix method " , are proposed. In numerical simulations, it is shown(More)
For many pattern recognition methods, high recognition accuracy is obtained at very high expense of computational cost. In this paper, a new algorithm that reduces the computational cost for calculating discriminant function is proposed. This algorithm consists of two stages which are feature vector division and dimensional reduction. The processing of(More)
For many statistical pattern recognition methods, distributions of sample vectors are assumed to be normal, and the quadratic discriminant function derived from the probability density function of multivariate normal distribution is used for classification. However, the computational cost is O(n 2) for n-dimensional vectors. Moreover, if there are not(More)
This paper proposes a parallel architecture for quadtree-based fractal image coding. This architecture is capable of performing the fractal image coding based on quadtree partitioning without the external memory for the fixed domain pool. Since a large domain block consists of small domain blocks, the calculations of distortion for all kinds of domain(More)