Hiroto Yokaryo

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Lactic acid bacteria that grow under alkaline conditions (pH 10) were isolated from various sources in Okinawa (Japan). These alkali-tolerant and alkaliphilic bacteria were classified as follows: Microbacterium sp. (1 strain), Enterococcus spp. (9 strains), Alkalibacterium spp. (3 strains), Exiguobacterium spp. (5 strains), Oceanobacillus spp. (3 strains)(More)
The chiral compound (R)-3-hydroxybutyric acid (R-3HB) has some important physiological functions in the human body and can also be applied as a functional material for industrial products. A novel Halomonas sp. OITC1261 isolated from a coastal sediment is selected for efficient production of R-3HB. This strain secreted R-3HB of high optical purity into the(More)
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