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Pharmacokinetic analysis of plasma concentration of acetyl procainamide ethobromide (APAEB) after single injection of 1.5, 8.8 and 20 mumol/300 g rat of APAEB showed that its elimination from plasma followed saturation kinetics. The existence of saturable step in transport of APAEB from blood to bile was also evident from the data of the biliary excretion(More)
The pharmacokinetic profiles of the hypoglycemic agent, acetohexamide (AH) and its major active metabolite, hydroxyhexamide (HH) were studied in three species of laboratory animals after intraperitoneal (ipl) administration in comparison with those after intravenous (iv) administration of AH and of the preformed metabolite HH. Reductive biotransformation of(More)
Individual opinions and experiences are published in Web as CGM (consumer generated media). A tourism blog which a tourist wrote his experience and impression in a certain area is very helpful information for other tourists. However, a user cannot obtain such precious information without knowing the relation of blog articles and concrete place-names. We(More)
Pharmacokinetic profiles of canrenoic acid (CRA) and canrenone (CR), the reversible metabolite of CRA, were studied in the rat after intraportal (pv) administration in comparison with those after intravenous (iv) administration using an interconversion model. In the clearances for the irreversible loss. CL20 of CR was larger than CL10 of CRA. Nevertheless,(More)