Hiroto Kikuchi

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An index which expressed the aerobic to anaerobic potential was made for bacteria with intermediate tolerance for oxygen. One method used for this analysis was measurement of the relative bacterial growth ratio. The other method was based on the pattern of the absorbancy versus depth plot. The index was applied to oral indigenous anaerobes.
Superoxide dismutase (SOD, superoxide:superoxide reductase, EC activity was studied in 23 strains of Campylobacter spp. using disc polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Different enzyme patterns were observed with extracts of different species of Campylobacter; three migration bands were found in all strains of C. sputorum subsp. sputorum and C.(More)
For the structural analysis of T-cell receptor (TCR) and peptide/MHC interaction, a series of peptides with a single amino acid substitution by a corresponding D-amino acid, having the same weight, size, and charge, within P18-I10 (aa318-327: RGPGRAFVTI), an immunodominant epitope of HIV-1 IIIB envelope glycoprotein, restricted by the H-2Dd class I MHC(More)
Febuxostat, a drug recently approved in the US, European Union and Japan for treatment of gout, inhibits xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR)-mediated generation of uric acid during purine catabolism. It inhibits bovine milk XOR with a K(i) in the picomolar-order, but we found that it is a much weaker inhibitor of Rhodobacter capsulatus XOR, even though the(More)
We propose a new expression of a line-shape function (LSF) including the effects of changes in both force constants and the molecular structure within the harmonic-oscillator approximation. This expression enables us to calculate the LSF using only the data on molecular structures, force constants, and electronic energies in the initial and final electronic(More)
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