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We demonstrate bidirectional transmission over 450 km of newly-developed dual-ring structured 12-core fiber with large effective area and low crosstalk. Inter-core crosstalk is suppressed by employing propagation-direction interleaving, and 409-Tb/s capacities are achieved for both directions.
This paper describes device and integration technologies for 100-Gbit/s polarization division multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying integrated coherent receiver front-end. The silica-based planar lightwave circuits for the optical passive circuits, InP-based photodiode for the opto-electrical conversion, and InP HBT for the transimpedance amplification(More)
An Auto Bias Control (ABC) technique for the IQ-modulator of a flexible optical QAM transmitter is described. This technique can support various optical QAM signal formats with Nyquist filtering and electronic dispersion pre-compensation. 16, 32 and 64-QAM signals (21 Gbaud) are successfully generated, and all bias voltages are held to their optimum value(More)
This paper tackles the Polarization Dependence of Gain (PDG) in distributed Raman amplifier (DRA) system with orthogonal polarization multiplexed pump lights. We show that polarization mode dispersion in transmission line degrades the orthogonality of pump lights and induces PDG. We propose a compact pump depolarizer to suppress PDG.
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