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Changes in membrane surface properties of hepatic peroxisomes of rats under several conditions were observed by aqueous polymer two-phase systems, which contained 6% (w/w) dextran T 500, 6% (w/w) polyethyleneglycol 4000, 250 mmol sucrose/kg and various concentrations of sodium phosphate buffer. The partition of peroxisomes into the upper phase depended to a(More)
Co-57 bleomycin is a chemically stable and diagnostically useful radiopharmaceutical. Stoichiometric preparation of Co-bleomycin causes two chemically different complexes. Four kinds of chelates (A2-type I, A2-type II, B2-type I and B2-type II) are easily separated by silicagel thin-layer chromatography. Circular dichroism study of these chelates indicate(More)
The in vivo behaviour of Ga-67 citrate was studied, using a rat liver model, and the mechanisms of cellular uptake were investigated by observing the time course of the raidonuclide in subcellular liver cell fractions. Modified continuous ultracentrifugation was used to successively fractionate the homogenates according to isopycnic and rate-zonal(More)
The binding of gallium 67 or iron 59 to ferritin in vitro was investigated using equilibrium dialysis. Gallium 67 did not bind to apo-ferritin until the protein was transformed into ferritin in the presence of iron citrate. Apotransferrin inhibited the binding of 67Ga to ferritin, especially in the presence of sodium bicarbonate and citrate, thus indicating(More)
Gallium adsorption was investigated at various pH values, with and without chelating agents or buffers. Evidence was obtained that Ga-67 citrate was adsorbed to cells in a polymeric form at a certain pH. Adsorption of Ga-67 to cells and to a glass surface reached a maximum at pH 4.5. When Ga-67 solutions were centrifuged to separate the precipitate, the(More)
Tumor-diagnostic 57Co-bleomycin is a mixture of two isomers: types I and II. Interaction between these and DNA was studied by fluorescence spectrometry and thermal denaturation. The fluorescence study indicated that cobalt chelation resulted in a remarkable increase in the apparent DNA-bleomycin association constant and a slight increase in bleomycin-DNA(More)
One hundred and six patients having adenocarcinoma of the lung were studied by whole body bone scanning with 99mTc-phosphates in connection with their clinical stages. Abnormal accumulation was found in 64 patients (60%). There were 64 patients who received surgical treatment. Among these 64 patients, 38 underwent bone scanning within 3 months after the(More)
t u n g e n aus. Sie war auch in d e m e lek t ronend ich ten Mater ia l nachweisbar , das die Ausl&ufer d e r dendr i t i s chen R e t i k u l u m zellen h~uf ig u m g i b t (Fig. t). An der Aul3enfl~iche der Z y t o m e m b r a n u n d besonders in den t iefen M e m b r a n e i n b u e h t u n g e n s ind Anf igene u n d An t ikh rpe r nachgewiesen worden(More)
A comparative study on 99m-Tc-phosphate compounds (TcPP) in detecting tumor metastasis to bone and problems accompanying it are reported. TcPP revealed metastatic foci which are unrecognized by conventional bone survey. To recognize these foci, exclusion of following problems is necessary: Accumulation at front of neck, asymmetrical image of joint,(More)