Hirotaka Suzuki

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Mouse acidic mammalian chitinase (AMCase) plays important physiological roles in defense and nutrition. AMCase is composed of an N-terminal catalytic domain (CatD) and a C-terminal chitin-binding domain (CBD). We expressed CatD of mouse AMCase as a recombinant fusion protein with Protein A and V5-His in Escherichia coli (Protein A-CatD-V5-His), evaluated(More)
The present work describes a new approach to integrating structural knowledge into the image classification process. First, a fuzzy classifier produces a fuzzy partition of the image. Then, the defuzzified (crisp) partition is tried to be improved. According to the membership degrees in the fuzzy partition, the system selects a set of pixels and associates(More)
Importance of speech prosody is on the increase as spontaneous interaction between human and machines is asked for. This paper examines how prosody contributes emotions to speech. Major elements which determine the emotion are pitch, tempo, and stress of speech. The last two elements correspond to duration and power of syllables, respectively. We choose ve(More)
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