Hirotaka Saito

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Vapor movement is often an important part in the total water flux in the vadose zone of arid or semiarid regions because the soil moisture is relatively low. The twomajor objectives of this study were to develop a numerical model in the HYDRUS-1D code that (i) solves the coupled equations governing liquid water, water vapor, and heat transport, together(More)
In many environmental studies spatial variability is viewed as the only source of uncertainty while measurement errors tend to be ignored. This article presents an indicator kriging-based approach to account for measurement errors in the modeling of uncertainty prevailing at unsampled locations. Probability field simulation is then used to assess the(More)
An approach for delineating high anomaly density areas within a mixture of two or more spatial Poisson fields based on limited sample data collected along strip transects was developed. All sampled anomalies were transformed to anomaly count data and indicator kriging was used to estimate the probability of exceeding a threshold value derived from the cdf(More)
Category: Site Characterization Presented at: The UXO/Countermine Forum, September 3-6, 2002, Orlando, Florida ABSTRACT There are different sources of uncertainty attached to UXO site characterization. One of them is associated with prior information regarding locations of ordnance targets, which are used initially for designing sampling schemes. The(More)
The micro paddy lysimeter (MPL) was developed and evaluated for its performance to simulate solute transport in paddy environment under laboratory conditions. MPLs were constructed using soil collected from Field Museum Honmachi of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan. For the physical characteristics of the hardpan layer, parameters such(More)
Sap flow measurements, from July to August 2004, were coupled with micrometeorological, soil moisture, and soil temperature measurements to analyze forest water dynamics in irrigated and undisturbed (control) larch (Larix cajanderi) forest plots in eastern Siberia. Plots were irrigated with 120 mm (20 mm day−1) of water from 17 to 22 July. Sap flow(More)
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