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OBJECTIVE C-reactive protein (CRP), an obesity-related inflammatory marker, is a promising predictor for cardiovascular disease and may be a mediator for atherogenesis. It has been reported that diet-induced weight loss lowered CRP levels. However, the effect of exercise training, another therapy that can reduce weight, on CRP is still unclear. We examined(More)
The use of anaerobic threshold in assessment of aerobic capacity was evaluated in 34 normal subjects and 47 patients with various kinds of chronic heart disease. Anaerobic threshold was determined as the oxygen consumption (VO2) at which a linear relationship between pulmonary ventilation (VE) and VO2 was lost during progressive treadmill exercise.(More)
We assessed the correspondence between the V-slope ventilatory threshold (VT) and the lactate threshold (LT) by using a distinctive slow submaximal ramp protocol to ensure that sufficient data points exist around the threshold. Twenty healthy young men participated. A submaximal test based on a prior maximal test (25 watt/min, medium ramp) was performed(More)
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