Hirotaka Murakami

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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) displays photocatalytic behavior under near-ultraviolet (UV) illumination. In another scientific field, it is well understood that the excitation of localized plasmon polaritons on the surface of silver (Ag) nanoparticles (NPs) causes a tremendous increase of the near-field amplitude at well-defined wavelengths in the near UV. The(More)
The spontaneous dominant mouse mutant, Elbow knee synostosis (Eks), shows elbow and knee joint synosotsis, and premature fusion of cranial sutures. Here we identify a missense mutation in the Fgf9 gene that is responsible for the Eks mutation. Through investigation of the pathogenic mechanisms of joint and suture synostosis in Eks mice, we identify a key(More)
– This paper proposes a 17.7Mpixel CMOS image sensor with 120frames/s readout at 12b ADC, maximum data rate 34.8Gbps. Dual row-signal readout, a SLVS with Embedded Clock interfaces (2.376Gbps x 16ch) and fast column-counters (2.376GHz counts) in Single-Slope ADC are adopted. The dynamic range and the power consumption are 77.6dB and 3.0W, respectively at(More)
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