Hirotaka Murakami

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The spontaneous dominant mouse mutant, Elbow knee synostosis (Eks), shows elbow and knee joint synosotsis, and premature fusion of cranial sutures. Here we identify a missense mutation in the Fgf9 gene that is responsible for the Eks mutation. Through investigation of the pathogenic mechanisms of joint and suture synostosis in Eks mice, we identify a key(More)
– This paper proposes a 17.7Mpixel CMOS image sensor with 120frames/s readout at 12b ADC, maximum data rate 34.8Gbps. Dual row-signal readout, a SLVS with Embedded Clock interfaces (2.376Gbps x 16ch) and fast column-counters (2.376GHz counts) in Single-Slope ADC are adopted. The dynamic range and the power consumption are 77.6dB and 3.0W, respectively at(More)
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