Hirotada Hashimoto

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For providing a benchmark data for numerical codes of parametric rolling prediction, a model experiment of a post-Panamax C11 class containership whose hull form is slightly modified from its original but opened for public was conducted and significant parametric rolling in irregular head waves was recorded. The existing numerical model developed by the(More)
Regarding parametric rolling of ships with forward velocity, this paper reports experimental, numerical and analytical studies conducted by the SCAPE committee, together with critical review of theoretical progress on this phenomenon. Here experimental results of a containership in regular, long-crested and short-crested irregular head waves, and those of a(More)
Recently, dentin bonding systems have been released separately from the resin composites, because the adhesive systems have been quickly improved. Since the merit of each material should be effectively utilized for each clinical case, the bonding systems and resin composites produced by different manufacturers may be combined according to the clinical(More)
Based on current growth patterns in the global economy, there are projections that there will be an overall increase in the emissions of harmful gases from ships. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires the preparation of management plans to improve the efficiency of ship navigation. Moreover, shipping companies should pay careful attention(More)
In 2012, Costa Concordia was grounded and 32 passengers were lost. Damage stability is one of the most important research subjects for naval architects. It is impossible to conduct model experiments for all the possible scenarios of damage situations, defined as combinations of damage openings, compartments and operational conditions. So, it is essential to(More)
Novel methodology for the estimation of the random exciting force causing parametric roll resonance is introduced based on a successive data assimilation. For simplicity, a single degree-of-freedom mathematical model as the prediction of the parametric roll resonance is focused on. In order to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, numerical(More)
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