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Polar Coding Without Alphabet Extension for Asymmetric Models
A new polar coding scheme is proposed, which can attain the channel capacity without any alphabet extension by invoking results on polar coding for lossless compression, and it is shown that the proposed scheme achieves a better tradeoff between complexity and decoding error probability in many cases.
Asymptotic performance of a modified Schalkwijk-Barron scheme for channels with noiseless feedback (Corresp.)
A modified Schalkwijk-Barron transmission scheme is presented for channels with noiseless feedback and the new result obtained shows that the modified scheme also attains high reliability functions for DMC's.
Secret sharing system using (k, L, n) threshold scheme
A construction method for the (k, L, n) threshold scheme is presented, which can be recovered completely from any k subinformation, but no information concerning X is obtained at all from any (k – L) subinformation.
Private information retrieval for coded storage
It is proved that the tradeoff between storage cost and retrieval/download cost depends on the number of data records in the system, and proposes a class of linear storage codes and retrieval schemes, and derives conditions under which these schemes are error-free and private.
Viterbi decoding algorithm for convolutional codes with repeat request
It is shown that the reliability function of the proposed decoding algorithm is asymptotically twice that of the Viterbi decoding algorithm without repeat request, and that in certain practical situations the proposed algorithm can save about 50 percent in constraint length over the ordinary Viterba algorithm for a given performance.
A source coding problem for sources with additional outputs to keep secret from the receiver or wiretappers
A new source coding problem is considered for a one-way communication system with correlated source outputs \{XY\} . One of the source outputs, i.e., \{X\} , must be transmitted to the receiver
Wyner-Ziv theory for a general function of the correlated sources
A source coding problem is considered for the Wyner-Ziv type system where the decoder is required to estimate the value of some function of the encoder input and the side information. The
Rate-distortion theory for the Shannon cipher system
Considers Shannon's cipher system with a memoryless broadcast channel and defines the admissible region of the system.
Quantum secret sharing schemes and reversibility of quantum operations
Quantum secret sharing schemes encrypting a quantum state into a multipartite entangled state are treated. The lower bound on the dimension of each share given by Gottesman [Phys. Rev. A 61, 042311
Asymptotic properties on codeword lengths of an optimal FV code for general sources
This correspondence is concerned with asymptotic properties on the codeword length of a fixed-to-variable length code (FV code) for a general source {X/sup n/}/sub n=1//sup /spl infin// with a finite