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The kinetics of onset and the intracellular biochemical signalling mechanisms which are responsible for the positive chronotropic effect of sympathetic stimulation in rabbit cardiac pacemaker cells were examined by using flash photolysis of caged isoproterenol (ISO) and cyclic AMP (cAMP). When caged ISO (10 microM) was present in the superfusate, a single(More)
The effects of starvation at the first feeding stage on the survival and growth of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus larvae were examined in rearing experiments performed in the laboratory. Newly hatched larvae grown at 2 °C, 5 °C, and 8 °C that commenced feeding at 3, 2, and 1 days post-hatching (dph) exhibited yolk exhaustion at 8, 8, and 5 dph and(More)
The migration and population size of Oncomelania quandrasi were studied at two sites in a submerged bank of a stream in Leyte Philippines. The snails collected by filter paper in an experimental area were marked with manicure and released in the same area. Collection was repeated every 4 days in the same area for 5 more times and snails without mark were(More)
Acoustic surveys have been conducted for estimating the biomass of commercially important fish (e.g., anchovy, jack mackerel), lanternfish (Diaphus garmani and D. chrysorhynchus), and pearlside (Maurolicus japonicus) in summer in the East China Sea (ECS) since 1997. The biomass of lanternfish and pearlside was 2.26–19.16 times that of commercially important(More)
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