Hiroshi Yoshiura

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A digital signature does not allow any alteration of the document to which it is attached. Appropriate alteration of some signed documents, however, should be allowed because there are security requirements other than that for the integrity of the document. In the disclosure of official information, for example, sensitive information such as personal(More)
Natural language communications using social networking and blogging services can result in the undesired revelation of private information. Existing disclosure control is tedious and error-prone because the user must set the disclosure level manually and must reconsider the level every time a new text is to be uploaded. This can lead to the revelation of(More)
32 M any CAD/CAM systems are commercially available today, but there are numerous ways in which they should be made more efficient. Previous research has demonstrated that more efficient methods exist for carrying out operations between objects such as intersection calculations between surfaces. Currently, the man/ machine interface is itself a major(More)
One approach to overcoming the problem of too much information about a user being disclosed on social networking services (by the user or by the user's friends) through natural language texts (blogs, comments, status updates, etc.) is to anonymize the texts. However, determining which information is sensitive and should thus be anonymized is a challenging(More)
An extended watermarking method for still pictures is described that can embed watermarks immune to not only rotation, scaling, and translation but also to random geometric distortion and any of their combinations. It requires no searches for treating random distortion. The search for rotation and scaling is combinatorial but is independent of the search(More)