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Apple latent spherical virus (ALSV) expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP-ALSV) was used for analysis of virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) in tobacco plants expressing GFP (GFP-tobacco). In GFP-tobacco inoculated with GFP-ALSV, small dark spots appeared on inoculated leaves at 5 days post-inoculation (dpi), then expanded, and finally covered the whole(More)
Ustiloxins A (1a), B (1b), C (1c), D (1d) and E (1e), antimitotic peptides, have been isolated from the water extract of false smut balls caused on the panicles of rice plant by a fungus Ustilaginoidea virens. The structure of 1b was assigned from its spectral property and its amino acid analysis in relation to 1a whose structure was determined previously(More)
Under the assumption that the more hyperreactive the bronchial muscles are, the greater their work hypertrophy, we analyzed the distribution of hypertrophic smooth muscles along airways to see where in the bronchial tree asthmatic constrictions mainly occur. Autopsy lungs from 16 patients with bronchial asthma, 13 with other COPDs, and 20 controls were(More)
Tissue specimens of nine normal human pancreata from fetuses, neonates, and adults were subjected to serial sectioning and computer-assisted three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction in an effort to study the growth of Langerhans' islets based on their distribution in the lobule and their relationship with the ducts and arterioles. Also, islet volumes were(More)
ABSTRACT A genetic map including three avirulence (Avr) genes, AvrPik, AvrPiz, and AvrPiz-t, was constructed in a genetic cross of two rice field isolates, 84R-62B and Y93-245c-2. The chromosomal locations of the Avr genes were determined by using selected markers to probe Southern blots of the parental chromosomes that had been separated by contour-clamped(More)
Tyramide signal amplification-avidin-biotin complex (TSA-ABC) method is a powerful technique used to detect antigens that are not detectable by ordinary immunohistochemistry. It is worth trying in cases where localization of antigens by the conventional method has failed and antibodies are precious.
A morphometric pilot study was performed on airway smooth muscle in 20 autopsy lungs with no history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to establish a basis for the systematic analysis of the behavior of airway muscles in bronchial asthma or COPD. A total of 514 samples of cross-sectioned airways were taken from these lungs, covering as(More)
Surgical materials from 20 patients with gastric carcinoma and ten with colonic carcinoma, and autopsy materials from ten patients with pancreatic carcinoma were submitted to the morphometric study of host arteries remaining in and around the tumors, to analyze whether and to what degree the smooth muscles of their media were lost. An explanation would be(More)
Mucus volume in both central and peripheral airways was assessed in 13 patients, six with chronic bronchitis (CB) and seven with chronic pulmonary emphysema (CPE), by morphologic quantitative measurement in autopsied lungs, and the results were compared with those from four control lungs (NL). The patients with CB and CPE had severe obstructive impairment(More)
OBJECTIVES The Japan Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment was developed as a risk stratification instrument for patients undergoing primary androgen deprivation therapy. However, there have been no studies to validate the accuracy of the Japan Cancer of the Prostate Risk Assessment in predicting clinical outcomes. We examined whether the clinical outcomes(More)