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Sensor nodes are used extensively in order to gather real-time information in the social environment and natural environment. And the production volume of sensor nodes is much increased with the development of cyber-physical systems. Therefore, it becomes important how to reduce the power consumption of huge sensor nodes. In this work, normally-off(More)
Improving energy efficiency is critical for embedded systems in our rapidly evolving information society. It has been considered that heterogeneous multiprocessors can contribute to improving the energy efficiency of embedded systams. In such processors, executing tasks on lower performance core at lower frequency is better for energy efficiency though(More)
In real-time systems, power gating is widely adopted by processing cores but not working memory because of data loss. Meanwhile, new non-volatile memory technology, which is comparable to volatile memory, quickly emerges. Thus, in this paper, we propose data-aware power management for real-time systems with both volatile and non-volatile memories.(More)
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