Hiroshi Tomiyasu

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To realize secure and safe information communication environment, the authors are carrying out CUE (Coordinating Users' requirements and Engineering constraints) project and started to develop a data-driven chip-multiprocessor CUE-v3 for ad hoc and ubiquitous communication environment available even in the case of emergency. Since CUE-series data-driven(More)
High speed message handling is one of the most important problems for ecient multithread processing. We have proposed a processor architecture called Datarol-II, that promotes the ecient ne-grain multithreaded execution, by performing fast context switching among ne-grain concurrent processes. We are developing a prototype multithread machine KUMP/D (Kyushu(More)
High speed image and video processing is a key technology in multi-media applications, and, therefore, currently many hardware accelerators to speed up such processing are developed and used. However, for the next generation advanced multi-media applications in the next generation, such as high quality virtual reality, bidirectional visual interface, etc.,(More)
A saturated aqueous solution of sodium perchlorate (SSPAS) was found to be electrochemically superior, because the potential window is remarkably wide to be approximately 3.2 V in terms of a cyclic voltammetry. Such a wide potential window has never been reported in any aqueous solutions, and this finding would be of historical significance for aqueous(More)
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