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To realize secure and safe information communication environment, the authors are carrying out CUE (Coordinating Users' requirements and Engineering constraints) project and started to develop a data-driven chip-multiprocessor CUE-v3 for ad hoc and ubiquitous communication environment available even in the case of emergency. Since CUE-series data-driven(More)
Nearly complete gasification of organic compounds has been achieved by stoichiometrically insufficient amounts of RuO2 in supercritical water (SCW) to provide CH4, CO2 and H2, all the hydrogen atoms of which originate from water, and the catalytic effect of RuO2 results from a redox couple of Ru(IV)/Ru(II) induced by SCW.
High speed message handling is one of the most important problems for ecient multithread processing. We have proposed a processor architecture called Datarol-II, that promotes the ecient ne-grain multithreaded execution, by performing fast context switching among ne-grain concurrent processes. We are developing a prototype multithread machine KUMP/D (Kyushu(More)
High speed image and video processing is a key technology in multi-media applications, and, therefore, currently many hardware accelerators to speed up such processing are developed and used. However, for the next generation advanced multi-media applications in the next generation, such as high quality virtual reality, bidirectional visual interface, etc.,(More)
Hybrid CPbX3 (C: Cs, CH3 NH3 ; X: Br, I) perovskites possess excellent photovoltaic properties but are highly toxic, which hinders their practical application. Unfortunately, all Pb-free alternatives based on Sn and Ge are extremely unstable. Although stable and non-toxic C2 ABX6 double perovskites based on alternating corner-shared AX6 and BX6 octahedra(More)