Hiroshi Toda

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Styrene monooxygenase (StyA, SMOA)- and flavin oxidoreductase (StyB, SMOB)-coding genes of styrene-assimilating bacteria Rhodococcus sp. ST-5 and ST-10 were successfully expressed in Escherichia coli. Determined amino acid sequences of StyAs and StyBs of ST-5 and ST-10 showed more similarity with those of Pseudomonas than with self-sufficient styrene(More)
We propose a new complex wavelet, the RI-spline wavelet, which is constructed using spline wavelets for dual-tree DWT. In the RI-spline wavelet, the real and imaginary components become an approximate Hilbert pair to each other. Then we propose a new dual-tree algorithm which uses an interpolation method for providing a half-sample-delay between the two(More)
BACKGROUND Biogenic emissions of methyl halides (CH3Cl, CH3Br and CH3I) are the major source of these compounds in the atmosphere; however, there are few reports about the halide profiles and strengths of these emissions. Halide ion methyltransferase (HMT) and halide/thiol methyltransferase (HTMT) enzymes concerning these emissions have been purified and(More)
We developed a novel ultrarapid immunohistochemical staining method in which an AC electric field is used to facilitate detection of tumor cells. Frozen sections of non-small cell lung cancer in lymph nodes were fixed in acetone for 2 min, after which they were incubated for 2 min with an anti-pancytokeratin antibody cocktail and then with EnVision(TM)(More)
The DNA repair protein O 6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT, AGT) is a determinant of the resistance of tumor cells to alkylating anticancer agents that target the O6 position of guanine. MGMT promoter methylation in tumors is regarded as the most common predictor of the responsiveness of glioblastoma to alkylating agents. However, MGMT promoter(More)
In this study, we first analyze the characteristics of knocking and the standing-wave by the wavelet transform using the ion current waveform, which is measured in a spark-ignition engine. Based on this result, we design wavelets to detect knocking from the ion current waveform. We next define an evaluation parameter E, and apply it to knocking detection(More)