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This article presents a novel approach for readability assessment through sorting. A comparator that judges the relative readability between two texts is generated through machine learning, and a given set of texts is sorted by this comparator. Our proposal is advantageous because it solves the problem of a lack of training data, because the construction of(More)
Proteins and peptides have been demonstrated to penetrate across the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells by protein transduction domains. We show that protein transduction by 11 arginine (11R) is an efficient method of delivering proteins into the neurons of brain slices. Here, we demonstrate that PKA inhibitory peptide, fused with 11R and nuclear(More)
Herein we summarize the public health actions taken to mitigate exposure of the public to radiation after the Fukushima accident that occurred on 11 March 2011 in order to record valuable lessons learned for disaster preparedness. Evacuations from the radiation-affected areas and control of the distribution of various food products contributed to the(More)
The band ordering of semiconductors is an important factor in determining the mobility and coherence of the wave function of carriers, and is thus a key factor in device performance. However, in heavily doped semiconductors, the impurities substantially disturb the band ordering, leading to significant degradation in performance. Here, we present the(More)
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