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A new algorithm for inferring the evolution of within-host viral sequences is presented. A sequential-linking approach is developed so that a longitudinal phylogenetic tree can be reconstructed from sequential molecular data that are obtained at different time points from the same host. The algorithm employs a codon-based model, which uses a Markov process(More)
Stress-inducible transcription factors play a pivotal role in cellular adaptation to environment to maintain homeostasis and integrity of the genome. Activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) is induced by a variety of stress and inflammatory conditions and is over-expressed in many kinds of cancer cells. However, molecular mechanisms underlying pleiotropic(More)
BACKGROUND Neuroimaging studies have demonstrated either reduced left-lateralized activation or reversed language dominance in schizophrenia. These findings of left hemispheric dysfunction could be attributed to language processing tasks, which activate mainly left hemispheric function. Recent functional magnetic resonance imaging studies reported(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to overlay an arbitrary texture onto a T-shirt worn by a user. To realize such a system, two phases, an offline phase and an online phase are required. During the offline phase, we use a T-shirt with several markers for training images and establishing a correspondence between the shape of the T-shirt area and the array of(More)
The human genome sequence defines our inherent biological potential; the realization of the biology encoded therein requires knowledge of the function of each gene. Currently, our knowledge in this area is still limited. Several lines of investigation have been used to elucidate the structure and function of the genes in the human genome. Even so, gene(More)
A novel concept for a protein-ligand docking simulator using Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, in particular the tactile sense technology, was designed and a prototype was developed. Most conventional docking simulators are based on numerical differential calculations of the total energy between a protein and a ligand. However, the basic concept of our(More)