Hiroshi Takeno

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A 0.5V, 10MHz, 9mW image processor with 320 processing element (PE) SIMD and a 32bit CPU has been developed using 40-nm CMOS. High voltage clock distribution (HVCD) reduces the number of excessive hold buffers required in a 0.5-V logic circuit design, thereby reducing the area, delay, and energy of the SIMD by 14 %, 13%, and 6%, respectively. The 0.5-V SIMD(More)
The increasing prevalence of broadband Internet access is making it easier to obtain rich contents like images, and more people are attempting image retrieval. We focus on how to present web image retrieval results to users. Most retrieval results contain multiple topics. To offset this complexity, many papers have discussed text retrieval result clustering(More)
Web image retrieval is often used to obtain images of what a searcher does not know well. In such situation, existing Web image eetJ?evalsystems are not so usefirl becaiise the retrieval results include almost no information, except images, about the concerned object. Since in general the retrieval results inchrde not onlv relevant inrages but also bwlevant(More)
A relatively large discrepancy was found in the molar volume of silicon crystals used to determine the Avogadro constant by means of the X-ray and crystal density (XRCD) method. Voids are suspected to cause the difference in the molar volume. Infrared laser scattering tomography, Secco-etching, electron spin resonance, and X-ray topography have been applied(More)
Web crawlers collect Web content on the Internet and index them to be retrieved when demanded by a user query. To provide usefulWeb search services, we need a quick crawler that can collect and index the massive amount of content continually accumulating in an efficient way. We introduce a new Web crawler that collects Web content suitable for viewing on(More)
The biggest Internet portal-site in Japan is NTT’s “goo” site, wwvL:goo.tie.jp. Its specialty is its abilih to handle the Japanese language. It uses the most powerful it formation search engine for the Japanese language so it provides a con fortable environment for the users who want or who must read Japanese irforniution. Unlike the maiiuully structured(More)
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