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This paper presents a diagnostic test generation method for transition faults. As two consecutive vectors application mechanism, launch on capture test is considered. The proposed algorithm generates test vectors for given fault pairs using a stuck-at ATPG tool so that they are distinguished. If a given fault pair is indistinguishable, it is identified.(More)
Retinoid signaling plays a crucial role in patterning rhombomeres in the hindbrain and motor neurons in the spinal cord during development. A fundamentally interesting question is whether retinoids can pattern functional organization in the forebrain that generates a high order of cognitive behavior. The striatum contains a compartmental structure of(More)
It has long been held as scientific fact that soon after birth, cardiomyocytes cease dividing, thus explaining the limited restoration of cardiac function after a heart attack. Recent demonstrations of cardiac myocyte differentiation observed in vitro or after in vivo transplantation of adult stem cells from blood, fat, skeletal muscle, or heart have(More)
Sumoylation is a post-translational modification process that is supposed to be implicated in the pathogenesis of several neurodegenerative diseases. Recently, the microtubule-associated protein Tau was identified as a target for sumoylation in the analysis of the transfected cells. We investigated the localization of SUMO-1 protein in APP transgenic mice(More)
In this paper, we use Agent-Based Approach to analyze how asset prices are affected by investors and investment systems that are based on Behavioral Finance. We build a virtual financial market that contains two types of investors: fundamentalists and non-fundamentalists. As a result of intensive experiments in the market, we find that (1) the traded price(More)
With increasing chip interconnect distances, open-interconnect is becoming an important defect. The main challenge with open-interconnects stems from its non-deterministic real-life behavior. In this work, we present an efficient diagnostic technique for multiple open-interconnects. The algorithm proceeds in two phases. During the first phase, potential(More)
Substantial attention is being paid to the fault diagnosis problem in recent test literature. Yet, the compaction of test vectors for fault diagnosis is little explored. The compaction of diagnostic test vectors must take care of all fault pairs that need to be distinguished by a given test vector set. Clearly, the number of fault pairs is much larger than(More)
This paper describes a method of identifying a set of crosstalk-induced delay faults which may need to be tested in synchronous sequential circuits. In this process , the false crosstalk-induced delay faults that need not (and/or can not) be tested in synchronous sequential circuits are also identify. Our method classifies the pairs of aggressor and victim(More)