Hiroshi Tahara

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In many cases, actin filaments are arranged into bundles and serve as tracks for cytoplasmic streaming in plant cells. We have isolated an actin-filament bundling protein, which is composed of 115-kDa polypeptide (P-115-ABP), from the germinating pollen of lily, Lilium longiflorum [Nakayasu et al. (1998) BIOCHEM: Biophys. Res. Commun. 249: 61]. P-115-ABP(More)
The preprophase band (PPB) marks the site on the plant cell cortex where the cell plate will fuse during the final stage of cytokinesis. Recent studies have shown that several cytoskeletal proteins are depleted at the PPB site, but the processes that bring about these changes are still unknown. We have investigated the membrane systems associated with the(More)
Stable compositions and geometrical structures of vanadium oxide cluster ions, VmOn(±), were investigated by ion mobility mass spectrometry (IM-MS). The most stable compositions of vanadium oxide cluster cations were (V2O4)(V2O5)(m-2)/2(+) and (VO2)(V2O5)(m-1)/2(+), depending on the clusters with even and odd numbers of vanadium atoms. Compositions(More)
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