Hiroshi Sakurai

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A procedure for defining and recognizing shape features 3-D solid models is presented in which a shape feature is defined as a single face or a set of continuous faces possessing certain characteristic facts in topology and geometry. The system automatically extracts these facts from an example shape feature interactively indicated by the user. The(More)
A method is presented for explicitly representing dimensions, tolerances, and geometric features in solid models. The method combines CSG and boundary representations in a graph structure called an object graph. Dimensions are represented by a relative position operator. The method can automatically translate changes in dimensional values into corresponding(More)
In this paper a method is presented to generate uniform hexahedral meshes automatically. In this method, a solid model with complex geometry is decomposed into swept volumes with simpler geometry. A sweepable face on the solid model is selected as the generator face to generate a swept volume. Each generator face is specified with node density and a(More)