Hiroshi Nakazato

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In order to examine a role of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in metastasis, cDNA encoding CEA was introduced into a clone of human colorectal carcinoma SW1222 cells. Western blot analysis revealed that all transfectants express CEA of 180 kDa while the parent clone does not. In the transfectants, the level of CEA expression in clone 3 was higher than that(More)
A cDNA encoding a novel serine protease, which we designated spinesin, has been cloned from human spinal cord. The longest open reading frame was 457 amino acids. A homology search revealed that the human spinesin gene was located at chromosome 11q23 and contained 13 exons, the gene structure being similar to that of TMPRSS3 whose gene is also located on(More)
There have been few reports stating that monoclonal antibody alone inhibits human solid tumor growth in vivo. The present study demonstrated that monoclonal antibody S1 (IgG2a), which recognized the antigenic determinant of the carbohydrate moiety, showed antibody-dependent cell (or macrophage)-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC or ADMC) in conjunction with murine(More)
The recurrent translocation t(1;3)(p36;q21) is associated with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)/acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) characterized by trilineage dysplasia, especially dysmegakaryopoiesis and a poor prognosis. Recently, the two genes involved in this translocation have been identified: the MEL1 gene at 1p36.3, and the RPN1 gene at 3q21. The(More)
The t(3;12)(q26;p13) translocation is a recurrent chromosomal aberration observed in myeloid malignancies. It has been shown that the translocation results in the fusion of the TEL (ETV6) gene at 12p13 and the EV11 gene at 3q26. We report the first case with Philadelphia (Ph)-positive chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) expressing the TEL/EVI1 fusion(More)
The numerical range of an n× n matrix polynomial P (λ) = Amλ m + Am−1λ m−1 + . . . + A1λ + A0 is defined by W (P ) = {λ ∈ C : x∗P (λ)x = 0, x ∈ C, x 6= 0}. For the linear pencil P (λ) = Iλ− A, the range W (P ) coincides with the numerical range of matrix A, F (A) = {x∗Ax : x ∈ C, x∗x = 1}. In this paper, we obtain necessary conditions for the origin to be a(More)
The q-numerical range (0 ≤ q ≤ 1) of an n × n matrix polynomial P (λ) = Amλ m + · · ·+ A1λ + A0 is defined by Wq(P ) = {λ ∈ C : y∗P (λ)x = 0, x, y ∈ C, x∗x = y∗y = 1, y∗x = q}. In this paper, we investigate the boundary and the shape of Wq(P ), using the notion of local dimension. We also obtain that the q-numerical range of first order matrix polynomials(More)