Hiroshi Nakaue

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Two experiments were carried out for six and seven 28-d periods, respectively, with DeKalb XL Single Comb White Leghorn laying pullets to ascertain the effect of feeding 1,100 mg Lactobacillus (Lacto)/kg diet (ppm) and 2,200 ppm Lacto diets, and the supplementation of these diets with 1 and 3% fat, on layer performance and nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus(More)
An experiment was conducted with Single Comb White Leghorn (SCWL) layers to determine the effect of feeding either corn-soybean meal (C-S) or barley-corn soybean meal (B-C-S) diets with or without condensed cane molasses solubles (CCMS) or with or without CCMS-1,100 mg Lactobacillus (Lacto)/kg (ppm) diet on performance, nutrient retentions, digesta passage(More)
Fourteen hundred broilers were exposed to Mt. St. Helens' volcanic ash (VA) dust (D) from 28 to 49 days of age to correlate the duration of exposure time to histological effect on lungs and to determine the effects on broiler performance and house environment. Histological examinations of the lungs from birds exposed each day for 4 days to either VAD for 60(More)
Three hundred sixty Peterson x Arbor Acres chicks were fed two feed regimens to compare their effects on adipose cellularity, adipocyte lipolysis, hepatic glucose oxidation, adipocyte lipogenesis, bird performance, and abdominal fat level. Broilers in the first regimen had ad libitum access to feed throughout the 7-wk experiment, whereas broilers in the(More)
The effects of acute exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) on porphyrin synthesis and cytochrome P-450-dependent monooxygenases in the small intestine and liver were studied in male Japanese quail. The birds were dosed orally with the PCB mixture, Aroclor 1242, or the individual PCB isomers, 2,4,2',4'-tetrachlorobiphenyl (2-TCB) and(More)
We have developed a lane change aid system (LCAS), which detects vehicles behind in adjacent lanes with multi-line CCD sensors and informs the driver of vehicle location with a head-up display (HUD). Instead of processing camera images directly, a multi-line CCD sensor contains the pairs of line CCDs and measures two-dimensional distance distribution by(More)
The effect of feeding a diet containing 5% tansy ragwort (TR) (Senecio jacobaea), a poisonous plant containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA), on the blood and liver levels of copper, zinc, iron and vitamin A in broiler chicks was examined. Serum and liver copper and liver iron concentrations were increased in chicks fed a diet with 5% TR, while serum and(More)
The broiler chicken was developed as an alternative animal model to laboratory rodents for immunotoxicologic assessment. In vivo treatment with 100-200 mg/kg cyclophosphamide (CY) was used as a known immunosuppressive treatment to standardize the assay systems. Protocols for assessing specific immunological functions were developed in specific pathogen-free(More)