Hiroshi Murata

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The effect of the molecular weight of polymer powders and the polymer powder/liquid ratio on the viscoelastic properties after gelation of tissue conditioners was studied by means of a stress relaxation test. The results are summarized as follows. The lower-molecular-weight polymer powders produced the larger flow after gelation especially at long times.(More)
The earliest and the most critical stage in VLSI layout design is the placement. The background of which is the rectangle packing problem: Given set of rectangular modules of arbitrary sizes, place them without overlap on a plane within a rectangle of minimum area. Since the variety of the packing is uncountably infinite, the key issue for successful(More)
The acute phase proteins (APP) are a group of blood proteins that contribute to restoring homeostasis and limiting microbial growth in an antibody-independent manner in animals subjected to infection, inflammation, surgical trauma or stress. In the last two decades, many advances have been made in monitoring APP in both farm and companion animals for(More)
A new method of packing the rectangles (modules) is presented with applications to IC layout design. It is based on the bounded-sliceline grid (BSG) structure. The BSG dissects the plane into rooms associated with binary relations ``right-to''and ``above'' such that any two rooms are uniquely in either relation. A packing is obtained through an assignment(More)
The first and the most critical stage in VLSI layout design is the placement, the background of which is the rectangle packing problem: Given many rectangular modules of arbitrary size, place them without overlapping on a layer in the smallest bounding rectangle. Since the variety of the packing is infinite (two- dimensionally continuous) many, the key(More)
A new method of packing the rectangles is proposed with applications to integarted circuit (IC) layout design. A special work-sheet, called the bounded-sliceline grid, is introduced. It consists of special segments that dissect the plane into rooms to which binary relations “right-of”and “above” are associated such that any two rooms are uniquely in either(More)
Microcystins LR, YR, and RR, cyclic heptapeptide hepatotoxins produced by cyanobacteria, were synthetically converted into glutathione (GSH) and cysteine (Cys) conjugates. Fast atom bombardment mass spectra showed [M + H]+ ions corresponding to GSH and Cys conjugates of microcystins LR, YR, and RR for the obtained compounds. 1H NMR spectral analyses(More)
The sequence-pair was proposed in 1994 as a representation of the packing of rectangles of general structure. Since then, there have been efforts to expand its applicability over simple rectangles. This paper proposes a new way to represent the packing of a set of rectilinear blocks, including arbitrary concave rectilinear blocks. Our idea is in(More)
This paper proposes a placement method for a mixed set of hard, soft, and pre-placed modules, based on a placement topology representation called sequence-pair. Under one sequence-pair, a convex optimization problem is efficiently formulated and solved to optimize the aspect ratios of the soft modules. The method is used in two ways: i) directly applied in(More)
BACKGROUND Oncogenic BRAF mutation had been considered to be a founder event in the formation of melanocytic tumours; however, we recently argued against this notion by showing marked polyclonality of BRAF mutations in acquired melanocytic nevi (Lin et al, J Natl Cancer Inst., 2009; 101:1423-7). Here, we tested whether similar heterogeneity of BRAF(More)