Hiroshi Morishita

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Mice that lack caspase-3, which functions in apoptosis, were generated by gene targeting and shown to undergo hearing loss. The ABR threshold of the caspase-3(-/-) mice was significantly elevated compared to that of caspase-3(+/+) mice at 15 days of age and was progressively elevated further by 30 days. Distortion product otoacoustic emissions were not(More)
This paper proposes a high resolution sensor floor which can detect both humans and robots simultaneously. Each sensor floor unit is 500mm square and is equipped with 4,096 pressure switches distributed in a 64 ×64 array. A 2m by 2m sensor floor with 16 of these sensor floor units has been realized. Experiments with this sensor floor have determined(More)
In this paper, a novel describing method of human locomotion trajectory record was proposed, and methods of its application to the path planning and control of human-symbiotic mobile robots were indicated. The novel describing method, named as Existence Record Probability Map (abbreviated ERPM hereafter), was generated through the following three steps: 1)(More)
This research aims to develop a ceiling mobile robot that can sustain a large payload and can locomote freely under a ceiling space. In our approach, a perforated metal, one of the recent popular architectural materials, is utilized as a ceiling plate and the robot hooks and hangs the sequential holes of the ceiling plate by mechanical constraint. To(More)
This paper describes development of home-use automated container storage/retrieval system, a subsystem of a logisti-cal support robot system in living space. The s/r system has 3 features. (1) Elevator type structure enables not only auto stocking motion, but also human access to containers as if the auto rack is a general shelf. (2) A separated motion(More)
This paper discusses significance of passive compliant mechanisms in home-use robots, and describes development of a manipulation component for transferring home-use containers. The component has two characteristic functions in mechanics. (1) Robust joint/release function by pin-connection method utilizing crank rotation shaft mechanism, (2) Misalignment(More)