Hiroshi Mizuta

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  • Kei Semba, Kimi Araki, Ken-ichirou Matsumoto, Hiroko Suda, Takashi Ando, Akira Sei +12 others
  • 2013
Danforth's short tail (Sd) is a semidominant mutation on mouse chromosome 2, characterized by spinal defects, urogenital defects, and anorectal malformations. However, the gene responsible for the Sd phenotype was unknown. In this study, we identified the molecular basis of the Sd mutation. By positional cloning, we identified the insertion of an early(More)
Danforth'sshort-tail (Sd) mouse is a semi-dominant mutation affecting the development of the vertebral column. Although the notochord degenerates completely by embryonic day 9.5, the vertebral column exists up to the lumber region, suggesting that the floor plate can substitute for notochord function. We previously established the mutant mouse line,(More)
The impact of dopant atoms in transistor functionality has significantly changed over the past few decades. In downscaled transistors, discrete dopants with uncontrolled positions and number induce fluctuations in device operation. On the other hand, by gaining access to tunneling through individual dopants, a new type of devices is developed:(More)
Bone metastasis of breast cancer cells is a major concern, as it causes increased morbidity and mortality in patients. Bone tissue-derived CXCL12 preferentially recruits breast cancer cells expressing CXCR4 to bone metastatic sites. Thus, understanding how CXCR4 expression is regulated in breast cancer cells could suggest approaches to decrease bone(More)
We performed an in vivo radiographic analysis of tibiofemoral and polyethylene (PE) insert motions during weight-bearing kneeling beyond 120° of flexion in one high-flexion knee arthroplasty design to determine if kinematics changed over time and if axial rotation occur between the PE insert and the tibial baseplate. Twenty knees implanted with a(More)
We investigated the incidence of each pattern of the communications between the musculocutaneous and median nerves and discussed its morphological significance. The communications between both nerves were seen in 188 (41.5%) of 453 specimens. They were classified into five regular patterns according to their directions and formations. The incidence of the(More)
Fermi-level pinning phenomena due to DX centers in AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT's are analyzed using two-dimensional numerical simulation based on a drift-diffusion model. A DX center model is introduced assuming Fermi-Dirac statistics for ionized donor density with the aluminum mole fraction dependence of the deep-donor energy level. The calculated results reveal that(More)
  • Yuya Imamura, Miwa Haruta, Yusuke Tomita, Keiko Matsumura, Tokunori Ikeda, Akira Yuno +5 others
  • 2016
We previously reported a method to expand human monocytes through lentivirus-mediated introduction of cMYC and BMI1, and we named the monocyte-derived proliferating cells, CD14-ML. CD14-ML differentiated into functional DC (CD14-ML-DC) upon addition of IL-4, resulting in the generation of a large number of DC. One drawback of this method was the extensive(More)
The graphene nano-electro-mechanical switches are promising components due to their outstanding switching performance. However, most of the reported devices suffered from a large actuation voltages, hindering them from the integration in the conventional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) circuit. In this work, we demonstrated the graphene(More)