Hiroshi Mizuta

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  • Marek E Schmidt, Cigang Xu, Mike Cooke, Hiroshi Mizuta, Harold M H Chong
  • 2014
This paper reports on large area, metal-free deposition of nanocrystalline gra-phene (NCG) directly onto wet thermally oxidized 150 mm silicon substrates using parallel-plate plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Thickness non-uniformities as low as 13% are achieved over the whole substrate. The cluster size L a of the as-obtained films is determined(More)
In this paper, we report the finite element method (FEM) simulation of double-clamped graphene nanoelectromechanical (NEM) switches. Pull-in and pull-out characteristics are analyzed for graphene NEM switches with different dimensions and these are consistent with the experimental results. This numerical model is used to study the scaling nature of the(More)
The graphene nano-electro-mechanical switches are promising components due to their outstanding switching performance. However, most of the reported devices suffered from a large actuation voltages, hindering them from the integration in the conventional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) circuit. In this work, we demonstrated the graphene(More)
This paper compares two classifiers: Pseudo Bayesian and Neural Network for assisting in making diagnoses of psychiatric patients based on a simple yes/no questionnaire which is provided at the outpatient's first visit to the hospital. The classifiers categorize patients into three most commonly seen ICD classes, i.e. schizophrenic, emotional and neurotic(More)
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