Hiroshi Mizukawa

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The pair of groups, symmetric group S2n and hyperoctohedral group Hn , form a Gelfand pair. The characteristic map is a mapping from the graded algebra generated by the zonal spherical functions of (S2n, Hn) into the ring of symmetric functions. The images of the zonal spherical functions under this map are called the zonal polynomials. A wreath product(More)
Formulas are obtained that express the Schur S-functions indexed by Young diagrams of rectangular shape as linear combinations of “mixed” products of Schur’s Sand Q-functions. The proof is achieved by using representations of the affine Lie algebra of type A (1) 1 . A realization of the basic representation that is of “D (2) 2 ”-type plays the central role.
The symmetric group S2n and the hyperoctaheadral group Hn is a Gelfand triple for an arbitrary linear representation φ of Hn. Their φ-spherical functions can be caught as transition matrix between suitable symmetric functions and the power sums. We generalize this triplet in the term of wreath product. It is shown that our triplet are always to be a Gelfand(More)
The aim of this note is to introduce a compound basis for the space of symmetric functions. Our basis consists of products of Schur functions and Q-functions. The basis elements are indexed by the partitions. It is well known that the Schur functions form an orthonormal basis for our space. A natural question arises. How are these two bases connected? In(More)
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