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BACKGROUND AND HYPOTHESIS Brachial artery flow-mediated dilation (FMD), a noninvasive, widely used clinical index of endothelial function and magnitude of FMD, has been reported to be closely related to many coronary risk factors and coronary atherosclerosis. However, there has been no study that examines the diurnal change of FMD. We designed this study to(More)
1 This open-access article is published and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives License which permits the noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction of the article in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this article without the(More)
OBJECTIVES LIPUS has been reported to promote bone union in pseudoarthrosis and delayed fracture union as well as to have a beneficial effect in shortening the duration of bone healing in fresh fractures. The purpose of this study was to examine whether LIPUS has an accelerating effect on healing OCD. SUBJECTS AND METHODS From 2008 to 2012, cases with(More)
Quadrilateral space syndrome (QSS) is the term used to describe axillary nerve palsy due to compression of the axillary nerve and posterior circumflex artery in the quadrilateral space. The precise pathophysiology of QSS is still unclear; hence, a consensus of diagnosis and treatment for QSS has not yet been achieved. The authors present the case of a(More)
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