Hiroshi Komada

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Human parainfluenza type 2 virus (hPIV-2)-infected HeLa (HeLa-CA) cells and hPIV-2 V-expressing HeLa (HeLa-V) cells show high resistance to alpha/beta interferons (IFN-alpha/beta) irrespective of(More)
When human blood monocytes were cocultured with stromal cells derived from human giant cell tumor of bone (GCTSC) and a Millipore filter (0.4 microm) was interposed between monocytes and GCTSC,(More)
Fusion regulatory proteins (FRPs) are newly defined cell surface molecules that enhance and/or induce virus-mediated cell fusion. Anti-FRP-1 Abs reacted with all of the established cells derived from(More)
The fusion (F) protein of simian virus 5 (SV5) strain W3A is known to induce cell fusion in the absence of hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) protein. In contrast, the F protein of SV5 strain WR(More)