Hiroshi Kodaka

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A sensitive method for the determination of p-tyramine was developed using gas chromatography-chemical ionization mass spectrometry. This method was combined with a stable isotope tracer technique to study p-tyramine metabolism in humans. [2H]5-Phenylalanine was administered orally to men (5 mg/kg) as a tracer and the amounts of [2H]4-p-tyramine excreted(More)
Rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) logic needs synchronous pulses for each gate, so the clock-wiring problem is more serious when designing larger scale circuits with this logic. So we have proposed a new SFQ logic which follows Boolean algebra perfectly by using set and reset pulses. With this logic, the level information of current input is transmitted with(More)
An autopsy case of progressive supranuclear palsy with onset at age 53 and a clinical course of 7 years is reported. The clinico-pathological characteristics of the case were as follows: Fibrillary gliosis of the midbrain and pontine reticular formation corresponded clinically to personality changes: The patient had formerly been irascible and became(More)
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