Hiroshi Kise

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This paper considers a scheduling problem of minimizing the maximum completion time (i.e., the makespan) for an automated flowshop manufacturing system such as FMS which consists of m machining cells with sufficient buffers, an AGV (automated guided vehicle) and loading/unloading stations. For this problem we propose a heuristic algorithm based on a fuzzy(More)
Hiroshi Kise Six approximation algorithms for the one-machine scheduling problem with ready and due times to minimize the maximum lateness are analyzed. The performance is measured by the relative deviation of approximate values to optimal ones. Best possible upper bounds on the worst case performance of all six algorithms are derived. The average(More)
This paper surveys recent works on queuing approaches to a number of optimization problems in production systems, especially modem jobbing production systems (or multi-item small lot production systems) represented by flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). This paper outlines optimization problems concerning with such aspects of the system design and control(More)
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