Hiroshi Kikuchi

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The camera described here makes color TV images that include information about the distance between the camera and the objects in the images. This range information is obtained from two images of the same scene taken under different illumination conditions. The camera does not require scanning, multiple camera units, or complicated computation. Range(More)
In this report, we propose a bit-depth scalable coding system based on the integer wavelet transform. Encoder of the system outputs two layered bit-streams. Decoding the base layer, upper part of the bit planes of each pixel values of an input image signal are displayed. Adding the enhancement layer, all the bit planes are reconstructed without any loss.(More)
We have developed an active matrix-addressed magneto-optical spatial light modulator driven by spin-transfer switching (spin-SLM) which has a 100 × 100 array pixel layout with a 2 µm pixel pitch. It has pixel-selection-transistors and logic circuits which convert serial data into parallel data to reduce input terminals. We have confirmed successful(More)
This paper proposes a compressive sensing method for the phased array weather radar (PAWR), which is capable of three-dimensional observation with high spatial resolution in 30 seconds. Because of the large amount of observation data, which is more than 1 gigabyte per minute, data compression is an essential technology to operate PAWR in the real world.(More)
Learning to program is an important subject in computer science courses. During programming exercises, plagiarism by copying and pasting can lead to problems for fair evaluation. Some methods of plagiarism detection are currently available, such as sim. However, because sim is easily influenced by changing the identifier or program statement order, it fails(More)