Hiroshi Kawano

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The present study determined the changes in appetite and appetite-regulating gut hormones during and following bouts of both rope skipping exercise (weight-bearing) and bicycle ergometer exercise (non-weight-bearing). After a 12-h fast, 15 young men (mean ± SD, age 24.4 ± 1.7 yrs, maximal oxygen uptake 47.0 ± 6.5 mL/kg/min) participated in three 160 min(More)
The purpose of this study was to clarify the effect of acute exercise in hypoxia on flow-mediated vasodilation (FMD). Eight males participated in this study. Two maximal exercise tests were performed using arm cycle ergometry to estimate peak oxygen uptake $$ \left( {\dot{V}{\text{O}}_{{ 2 {\text{peak}}}} } \right) $$ while breathing normoxic [inspired O2(More)
A blimp-type unmanned aerial vehicle (BUAV) maintains its longitudinal motion using buoyancy provided by the air around it. This means the density of a BUAV equals that of the surrounding air. Because of this, the motion of a BUAV is seriously affected by flow disturbances, whose distribution is usually non-uniform and unknown. In addition, the inertia in(More)
A multi-degree-of-freedom (DOF) ultrasonic motor can rotate in three DOFs and does not generate noise. In addition, with an appropriate preloading mechanism, it can generate high torque for its size. The multi-DOF ultrasonic motor is, therefore, anticipated for use as a servomotor in the next generation of robots. However, for several reasons, there have(More)
Blimp-type unmanned aerial vehicles (BUAVs) does not consume any energy in keeping their longitudinal position in the air, so their use as a platform for mine searching missions is anticipated. For mine searching missions, a BUAV must fly near the ground. Because there is severe limitation on the weight of equipment, such as sensors and actuators, most(More)
We investigated the relationship between histological factors and lymph node metastasis in 77 lesions with submucosally invasive colorectal carcinomas to establish useful criteria for lesions in which endoscopic treatment alone results in cure of malignancy. There were positive correlations between histological factors, including the level of invasion, the(More)
Blimp-type unmanned aerial vehicles (BUAVs) do not consume any energy in keeping their longitudinal position in the air, so they are anticipated as a platform that works near the ground but does not touch the ground (for example, for mine search missions). In the path planning of a BUAV flying near the ground, the effects of wind disturbance on the BUAV's(More)
β3-Adrenergic receptor (ADRB3) Trp64Arg polymorphism is associated with atherogenic risk factors that include weight gain, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Habitual exercise brings higher cardiorespiratory fitness and results in the amelioration of atherosclerotic risk factors. However, the effects of cardiorespiratory fitness level and ADRB3 Trp64Arg(More)