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The nodal-related genes are well known for their fundamental roles during vertebrate development, including mesoderm induction, neural induction, and left-right axis formation, as several nodal-related genes show left-sided expression in mesodermal lineages. We have isolated the first non-vertebrate nodal-related gene, HrNodal, from the ascidian Halocynthia(More)
A 56-year-old man who underwent a tooth extraction in the previous year presented with weakness of the right upper extremity. Brain CT and MRI scans showed subcortical hemorrhage in the left frontal lobe. His body temperature was 37.5°C. Blood examination revealed anemia, elevated levels of C-reactive protein, and a positive result for PR3-ANCA.(More)
Automatic layout algorithms, placement and routing, for function blocks of CMOS gate arrays are presented. The placement algorithm assigns transistors to basic cells so as to minimize the number of cells used and to minimize the number of interconnections crossing cut-lines. The former objective is achieved by finding a maximum matching and the latter is(More)
BACKGROUND Whether clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients suffering acute heart failure (AHF) vary according to the timing of hospital arrival is unclear. We aimed to evaluate differences between subjects presenting in the daytime and nighttime. METHODS A total of 679 patients with AHF were examined, classified into the two groups from the(More)
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