Hiroshi Kawakami

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We propose a robust method for detecting local planar regions in a scene with an uncalibrated stereo. Our method is based on random sampling using distributions of feature point locations. For doing RANSAC, we use the distributions for each feature point defined by the distances between the point and the other points. We first choose a correspondence by(More)
We investigate bifurcations observed in a Morris-Lecar neuron model. Especially, we paid attention to the change of bifurcation structures between type I and type II models. We found that the transition of properties between type I and II is controlled by only one-dimensional variation of a potential in a voltage-dependent function.
We investigated relationships between the flowering phenology of Prunus yedoensis "Somei-yoshino" (cherry blossom) and the local temperatures in Japan. Our observations were carried out across the Okayama Plain, which included Okayama City (about 700,000 inhabitants), from the winter of 2008 to the spring of 2009. Local air temperature (AT) and the globe(More)
In this paper, we study bifurcations of equilibrium points and periodic solutions observed in a resistively coupled oscillator with voltage ports. We classify equilibrium points and periodic solutions into four and eight di erent types, respectively, according to their symmetrical properties. By calculating D-type of branching sets (symmetry-breaking(More)
Bifurcations of periodic, quasi-periodic and chaotic oscillations are most frequently observed in forced nonlinear circuits containing saturable inductors, whose dynamics are described by nonautonomous di erential equations with periodic external forcing terms. A Poincar e mapping is commonly applied to the study of the bifurcation phenomena. We present(More)