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The Rho family of small GTPases has been shown to be involved in the regulation of neuronal morphology, and Rac and Rho exert antagonistic actions in neurite formation. In this study, we have examined the cross-talk between Rac and Rho in relation to the nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells. NGF induced a rapid activation of(More)
The N2-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC7120 showed an inherent capacity for desiccation tolerance. A DNA microarray covering almost the entire genome of Anabaena was used to determine the genome-wide gene expression under desiccation. RNA was extracted from cells at intervals starting from early to late desiccation. The pattern of gene expression in(More)
The Rho family of small GTPases has been implicated in cytoskeletal reorganization and subsequent morphological changes in various cell types. Among them, Rac and Cdc42 have been shown to be involved in neurite outgrowth in neuronal cells. In this study, we examined the role of RhoG, another member of Rho family GTPases, in nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced(More)
Quality of life (QOL) after video-assisted thoracic surgical (VATS) lobectomy remains to be defined. Forty-four consecutive patients with clinical stage I lung cancer underwent lobectomy by the VATS approach (n = 22 patients) or thoracotomy approach (n = 22 patients). Acute pain was quantitated by postoperative narcotic requirements and the need for(More)
Neurite outgrowth of PC12 cells is induced by nerve growth factor (NGF) but not by epidermal growth factor (EGF). This differential response has been explained by the duration of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) activation; NGF induces sustained MAPK activation but EGF leads short-lived activation. However, precise mechanisms have not yet been(More)
We found a significant correlation between lung cancer in smokers and the expression of a human gene, D40, predominantly expressed in testis and cancers. In an attempt to clone a novel human gene, we screened a cDNA library derived from a human B cell line and obtained a cDNA clone that we refer to as D40. A search for public databases for sequence(More)
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), a natural ligand for the c-met protooncogene product, exhibits mitogenic, motogenic, and morphogenic activities for regeneration of the liver, kidney, and lung. Recently, HGF was clearly shown to enhance neurite outgrowth in vitro. To determine whether HGF has a neuroprotective action against the death of neurons in vivo, we(More)
The prostaglandin EP3 receptor (EP3R) subtype is believed to mediate large portions of diverse physiologic actions of prostaglandin E2 in the nervous system. However, the distribution of EP3R protein has not yet been unveiled in the peripheral or central nervous systems. The authors raised a polyclonal antibody against an amino-terminal portion of rat EP3R(More)
The purpose of this study was to clarify the relationship between the number of tumour-infiltrating T lymphocytes and the clinicopathological features and clinical outcome in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Tissue specimens from 109 patients who underwent surgical resection for NSCLC were immunohistochemically analysed for CD4 and CD8(More)
BACKGROUND Tumor-related leukocytosis is a paraneoplastic syndrome that is encountered occasionally in the clinical course of patients with lung carcinoma. Recently, autonomous production of hematopoietic cytokines (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor [G-CSF], granulocyte-macrophage-colony stimulating factor [GM-CSF], and interleukin-6 [IL-6]) were(More)